start hydrating at least 24 hours prior to your session.  continue hydration in the days following your massage to assist the body in flushing out the toxins released.

communicate areas of your body that are injured, tense or sore and any medical conditions.

it is recommended to receive a massage with the body completely unclothed. however, you may undress to your level of comfort.

close your eyes and allow yourself to relax.  when the therapists hands locate areas of pain or tension, consciously try to relax those areas with full even breaths. if anything is too painful, ticklish, or uncomfortable in any way let your therapist know immediately.

conversation can be distracting to you and the therapist.  to receive the most benefits from your massage please keep conversation to a minimum during your session.

if emotions come to the surface during your massage, allow yourself to express these feelings by crying, laughing, sighing, or humming.

if any sexual advancement is made toward the therapist, the session will be terminated immediately and payment will be charged in full.

snoring, drooling, stomach growls and gas are all common reactions to massage. the client should not feel embarrassed if any of these should occur during a session.

it is natural to fall asleep during a massage, an indication that the body and mind are releasing stress and tension.  your therapist will gently wake you when it is time to turn over or to end the massage.